Check out my blog/follow/vote?

Of course I will check out your blog.

Follow, if I like your blog, but not usually I follow a lot of blogs now.

Vote, hell no whatchu doin here? Rude.


EOS Canon T3 Rebel.


My fatboothed cat, Max.


I track the tags rebsnathan, blind-d and beautytobeheard.


Ew, I know it’s nasty but click here.

Know me from school? Click RIGHT HERE!

If you want to know me, I’ll tell you anon or not. Just tell me if you would like to keep our conversations private.

I would love to give advice to anyone who is asking. If you don’t want to talk and you are suicidal or are in need of hope, read this. My ask is here. I also can help with html so if you have any questions just ask!

xo Rebs